Amazon Fire TV Hulu Performance Issue

Product: Amazon Fire TV (Gen 1)
Issue: Unreliable playback performance in the Hulu application.

In September of 2015 I discovered that several programs I regularly view through the Hulu application had a tendency to skip or stutter throughout playback. I found through web searches that this appeared to be growing issue with users of the product, however there were no clear solutions to the problem presented.

I reached out to Amazon tech support on three occasions over the following three months. The initial advice offered was to clear the cache of the Hulu application and try again. While on occasion this would improve the issue, it was not consistent and generally only improved the performance for a short period (a single episode of playback or less). I was unable in subsequent contact to Amazon Support to receive any confirmation of the problem being a known issue or any intent to resolve, only a promise that the issue would be ‘escalated’ the “Technical Team” to resolve the problem.

My final inquiry on the matter on November 4th, 2015 was aimed at determining if the problem was only present in the Generation 1 Amazon Fire TV and if it may be resolved in the new Amazon Fire TV with 4k. The support representative was again unable to confirm any issue was known or existed and therefore was unable to speak to whether the issue would be resolved on the Gen 1 devices or had been resolved with the new 4k devices.

Update: On 1/28/2016 I finally broke down and ordered the new Amazon Fire TV with 4k and the issue with playback on Hulu is resolved. I suspect at some point during late summer 2015, an update to either the Hulu app itself or changes to the core Fire TV code resulted in a performance bug that affects some shows in the Hulu app. This bug either does not affect the new 4k version of the device or the new device has sufficient hardware performance to overcome the issue.

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